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Dried Goji Berries: 7 Different Ways to Use Them

By August 16, 2020No Comments
dried goji berries

Goji berries are small fruits with big power that have been used for centuries in Asian food and medicine. Dried goji berries are nutrient-dense berries with a distinct flavor. People say they taste like a cross between cherry, cranberry, and tomato.

They are packed with phytochemicals that protect against diseases, ranging from the common cold to cancer. In Eastern Asia, goji berries are used by herbalists to help protect the liver, boost immune function, improve eyesight, and promote longevity.

With so many different benefits, you probably want to know how exactly can you use these little miracle treats. Check out these 7 different ways to use dried goji berries.

1. Drink Goji Berry Tea

Dried goji berry sprouts can be used to brew in teas. You can add a handful of dried berries to your glass of hot water. Add your berries in hot water and let it sit before hydrating for about 7 minutes.

Drink your tea and eat the berries to get their restorative and healing properties and wellness benefits. You can add them to organic tea bags for easy use.

2. Bake Goji Snack Chunks

Goji berries contain carbohydrates and protein which makes them the ideal treats before and after workouts. Goji chunks are free of animal fats and refined sugar, giving your body the energy it needs to function.

To make these chunks, add water to dates and blend until smooth. Add a mixture of olive oil and butter and blend.

Using a mixer, blend sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp seeds. Add date and buckwheat paste and mix until it forms a textured dough.

Pour the dough into a bowl filled with goji berries, cranberries, and raisins and mix with a spoon or spatula. Spread the dough mix on a dehydrator tray and dehydrate < 115 FÂș for around 6 hours. You’ll have a delicious carry-along treat for when you’re on the go.

3. Try Goji Berry Spicy Soup

Make every flavor of your soup pop with goji berries. Soak your dried goji berries overnight to rehydrate them (you can soak them for a few minutes).

Heat olive oil in a saucepan and add diced onions and finely chopped chilies to the oil before adding the goji berries, cumin seeds and tomatoes. Stir for several minutes. Then, add vegetable stock and boil over low heat. Then put in fresh coriander leaves and mix your soup until smooth and decorate with black pepper, cumin seeds, and fresh coriander leaves.

4. Make Goji Berry Granola

Granola is a simple healthy snack that you can make in a few easy steps. Heat your pan over low heat then add oats to it for about 2 minutes before adding salt and coconut oil. Stir and then bake the mixture for about 5 minutes.

While stirring, add maple syrup (one tablespoon at a time). Then add cinnamon, pistachios and coconut flakes and heat the mixture over low heat for another 5 minutes. Transfer the mixture into a large bowl and stir the berries and let it cool.

Your goji berry granola is ready to be enjoyed as a snack or lunch with yogurt.

5. Add Dried Goji Berry Powder to Smoothies

Dried goji berries can also come in powder form and make a great addition to your health smoothies and green drinks. The dried goji berry powder substance gives the smoothie a thick, creamy texture and makes for a delicious hearty taste with all the healthy benefits.

6. Goji Berry Biscotti

Green pistachios and goji berries blend to make a cookie perfect. You may use cornmeal to add a sandy texture to your biscotti and make them crumbier. The dried goji berries add the chewy bit.

To make cornmeal goji biscotti, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Whisk together cornmeal, flour, salt, and baking powder. Put butter in the bowl of your mixture and mix until smooth. Add sugar and mix before adding eggs.

Then, add the flour mixture and mix until uniform. Add lemon zest, pistachios, goji berries, and mix until well combined. Transfer dough to a baking sheet. Then bake until lightly cracked on top or brown.

Try this recipe with seasonal goji paste to elevate your snack!

7. Goji Trail Mix

You can add dried berries to a trail mix you like. Consider adding goji berries to your walnuts and almonds. You may also add fresh cacao nibs to make your trail mix feel a little more indulgent.

Your children may like it better when you add some peanut butter chips or chocolate to the goji trail mix. Note that this combo is highly nourishing and provides a lot of energy and health benefits.

Speaking of health benefits, here are ways to dried goji berries benefit your body:

Promotes Healthy Skin

Beta-carotene is the phytochemical in goji berries that promotes healthy skin. When added to skin creams, beta-carotene helps to reduce skin irritation, manage the impact of aging and the effects of the sun.

Improves Immunity

Goji berries are loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants are known to provide immune system support and fight harmful free radicals.

The berries also contain large quantities of vitamin A and C.  These vitamins are important for building immunity and preventing diseases.

Boosts Liver Health

Goji berries may help protect the liver against free radicals, thanks to the high amount of antioxidants.  According to a study reportings, dried berries stop infections by preventing viruses and bacteria from attaching to cell membranes of the liver.

Can Help With Weight Loss

Goji berries may help with weight loss problems. Goji berries are low-sugar, low-calorie nutritional value, making them a perfect substitute for other high-sugar dried fruits. 

These energy-dense berries are high in fiber and can help you stay on track with eating healthy. A one-ounce serving of goji berries has about 100 calories.

You can eat them as a snack to suppress overindulgence at mealtime. Consider including them in your salad or yogurt in the same way you would with raisins.

Add Dried Goji Berries to Your Health Regimen

Dried goji berries are tasty, versatile and are among the healthiest foods you can eat. They are a powerhouse of nutrients that can boost immune function when added to your diet.

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