Your Certified Organic Goji Berry Supplier



Your Certified Organic Goji Berry Supplier

World’s Largest Goji Producer

Our pruducer partner’s world’s largest 11,000 acres orchard located in Ningxia, China, where considered as the ULTIMATE goji region.
Goji Cultivation Area in Ningxia
Goji Picked EVERY DAY
Goji Orchard
Diurnal Temperature Variation
Effective Accumulative Temperature
Altitude Gobi Desert
Annual Sunshine

Harsh Environment, Best for Goji

            Ningxia is famous for its harsh environment. However, it is exactly the secret of the goji nutrition accumulation.
            Ningxia goji contains way more Lycium barbarum polysaccharides than goji from elsewhere, making the best goji all over the world.

Why We Produce The Best Goji

And Being Environmental Friendly in The Same Time!
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Leading Breeding Technology

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Orchard Exclusive Reservoir Ensures Pure Water Source

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A Local Beekeeper Looks After Bees

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Drip Irrigation to Save Water

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Standardized Cultivation Ensures Consistent High Quality

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Hand Picked

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Sun Dried, Solar Powered Oven when It’s Cloudy

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Human Selection Ensures Stable High Quality

Organic Cultivation and Operation Ensures Supreme Quality.

USDA Organic
ecocert organic
JAS Organic

We Are Socially Responsible

Happy Farmers Cultivate the Best Goji.

Jobs Created
Increasing in Local Annual Income

gojix ® is in Canada and We Sell to the World!


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